Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I should have guessed there was more to the LaBonne Family "foodie" business than just a long standing reputation as being the best meat cutters and grocery stores in the whole world.

To the delight of kiwis around-- it looks as if the LaBonnes have gone international with their food service enterprise. Click here for proof of product and retail space. Check out this link for the epicure market

Note to anyone who hasn't shopped for food in the CT market--Jean Higgins sister, Peg, married Hy LaBonne and also into the history of generations of family market proprietors. The Higgins family members have always loved the LaBonnes and have always been grateful for their support and numerous kindnesses to everyone in our family. The only dark side is they do not love my Dukies as much as I do! Who let the dogs out!?