Monday, January 24, 2005



In the NFL, it's time to reverse the curse!

Party host Heather Kashner delivers on the surprise send off!

Post Holiday Gathering Considered The Place To Be!

(Chapel Hill, NC, approximately 500 miles south of Society Hill, the Eisenhower Foundation, the land of liberty, the city of brotherly love and the soon to be home of the 2005 Super Bowl champs--Philadelphia Eagles) You could've been at the final night of the Matisse exhibit, the Governor's inauguration ball, the Ballet, way off Broadway theater or even dinner at Wilmington's Port Land Grille, but-cha weren't! Traveling from areas near Philly, Rocky Mount, South Florida, inside the beltline, outside the Durham loop and east of the Cape Fear River the perfect size crowd of beautiful people gathered in Chapel Hill on Saturday, January 15th at the home of Dr. Lawrence Wheeler. Sure, most were there to view the beautiful art, marvel at the swanky surroundings and indulge in the scrumptious foods, petit four desserts and made-to-order drinks--but all seemed perfectly poised, ready, willing and happy to toast and offer a fond farewell to Kathy for the professional trip of a lifetime.

She's not trying to catch a ball from soccer phenom nephew, Tavis --she's surprised!

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