Saturday, February 19, 2005


MAORI FOR "HELLO" everyone!

A big thank you to everyone who has worried, written and called with concern regarding the (temporary) expansion of my lower extremities! Several of you inquired if my legs had really turned to fence posts would I be willing to ship back fire wood to the states? The answer is, ha-ha,very funny, but no--I am happy to report that soon after gulping my first "flat white" and touch down in Wellington my legs returned to somewhat normal. Now my feet are a different story--they are a little beat-up, but I think on the mend. The reason for the acute foot pain and/or blisters is everyone walks, everywhere in NZ. It's fantastic and Wellington is an especially walkable city. Think San Francisco when you think of Wellington. Beautiful, water front, hilly, very hilly, great mutlicultural people, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops a pleanty! Honestly, they are everywhere. It feels like a very safe, active and vibrant community. Many say 10-12 years ago it was a boring, sleepy government town and it has successfully reinvented itself. I can't speak to what it was, but I would certainly say this is my kind of town, today. I would also say that my immediate positive experiences with the Fulbright people and program have added significantly to how much I enjoyed being in Wellington. My next posting will speak to a little more about week one.





Sure--I may be a bit late with this posting, but I've been doing a little celebrating:

Go to h#%& Carolina, Go to H&%$@!

In real time, I heard about the dukies putting it to the heels and yes, I am both happy and anxious of what is to come at the Dean Dome in the near future!