Thursday, April 14, 2005


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My meetings in Tasmania started as soon as my plane landed and I was taxied to the capital city of Hobart. In true Eisenhower Fellowship fashion, my one afternoon appointment turned into six meetings. This is not atypical and something that I would guess we all experience as well as appreciate. I was a little worried on this day because my meetings didn’t start until 2 PM and it was a rainy Friday afternoon—I had all day and in fact all night to meet, but I was a little concerned about how I would be welcomed as I stood between my hosts and the start of their weekend. Everyone was very kind with their information and their time. I was most impressed with the meetings I had on with the director of the domestic violence area for all of Tasmania. They have developed and are just implementing new comprehensive policies, programs and standard operating procedures that I felt were extremely innovative and progressive. The effort is a cooperative collaborative between Justice, Police and Health.

I also had a special connection with the director of the Breast Screen Tasmania. Gail Raw, the director invited me to have dinner with her and her family on Saturday night. This was such a thoughtful and welcomed opportunity to visit with a special Tasmanian family as well as have more professional quality time. Gail is a professional of distinction and has studied breast-screening schemes in the UK, USA and Canada. She is very pleased with the polices and infrastructure in her State and they strive to achieve a 70% screening rate with their primary target population of women between 50 and 70 years old. Gail was very interested to learn more about our Breast Health Project and the iconic Breast Cancer Button Chair. It was a pleasure to share with her some of our efforts in North Carolina on breast care health promotion and early detection efforts.

I want to travel back to Tasmania visit my new found friends and participate in the 10 day Tassie bike ride around the entire state....anyone wanting to join me, let me know--the ride is in Jan or Feb each year.


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