Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Well, it took less than an hour in the Fulbright office and one conversation for someone to mention they know Bob G. I know they were telling the truth, the pronounced his name correctly and they admired him from his community health center leadership days. The Fulbrighters--are bright! The class is a mix of recent grads, senior scholars and several public policy fellows. It's a great group!


If you know me—you know, I love Survivor. So much so, I had applied to be on the show. And, had that dream come true—I would have been in one of the tribes from this past season--in Vanautu. Well, remember when I was back in LAX and practically standing on my head to get the human sap to run out of my tree trunk for legs? Well, I assumed a more west coast seated position in my chair and began looking over the people waiting for our boarding call. I noticed that AMI was on our flight. You’ve gotta know Ami. She should have won this past survivor series—my money was on her. She didn’t win—but she certainly seems to enjoy her semi-celebrity status. She is definitely cut out for working the crowd, and talking about the experience. I saw her again in the Customs line and we had a chance to talk. She said the amazing race was next on her list—she should win that one, too.


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