Tuesday, February 08, 2005


24 hours—Friday through Sunday

It isn’t easy getting here, but it’s worth the ride once you make it. New Zealand is--VERYcool. Math takes on a whole new meaning when 1=3--Dan Glaser may like this return on investment, perhaps we can set up an outpost of the Foundation down here. This is no riddle, it’s the truth—you get on a plane in Raleigh around noon on a Friday, fly 24 hours and end up landing three days later. The crossing of the International Date Line drives this phenomenon—where one second it’s today and the next second it’s tomorrow…or rather, today, again.

Realizing this, I was trying to think if I’d ever lost a day before. Not growing up, not even in college, but probably five years ago when I fell. I definitely lost a day when I fell. This only goes to prove, flying is better than falling.


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