Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sheep, Lambs and other fuzzy creatures:

Baa, ram ewe, baa, ram ewe…leaving the wine country of Marbarough and heading West to Nelson the mountains and valleys are beautiful and everyone seems to own lots of land, a farm, lots of animals—specifically, sheep, cow and deer. All these animals, live off the land, sleep on the land and start the same routine day in and day out—regardless of the weather. There are no barn kept animals like in the movie BABE. I too was shocked.

Nealson is a very cool, hip town with lots of artist, glassblowers, pottery-people and woodworkers. Great cafes, restaurants, bars and outdoors live music. Nealson has a sunshine town weather consistency. Some nice size, but not too big mountains surround it. It also boast the ownership of being the geographical center of New Zealand and if you tramp up a nearby mountain for about 30 minutes you reach the mounument dedicated to this land position and for no charge at all you are treated to panaromic views of Nealson, the bay area and the surrounding communities.

I made one huge mistake in Nealson that I will live to regret and if you are someone reading this blog then you'll be upset too. I didn't plan well enough for Sat. morning in Nealson. I got up early alright, drank my normal plunger of way too focused on the net checking emails and before I knew it I had to make a decision--go to the AMAZING ART AND CRAFT MARKET in town OR as planned---head to the Abel Tasman National Park for real kiwi tramping. I'm sorry, I chose the tramping and have the pictures to prove that this too was amazing. I hate that I missed the market--you all would have gotten such cool stuff--I am so sorry, it's so sad. But lets remember--in the end, stuff is stuff and doesn't hold a candle to tramping in the mountains and along the most beautiful coastline...that is after being boated out to a point and dropped off and told make it to your pick-up point in 3 hours. It was a fantastic experience--Abel Tasman, if you don't know, could have been credited for finding NZ after the Maoris, but he only stayed 3 days and then boated off guessed it--what is now known as Tasmania. So, in NZ he is only recognized as an early visitor. Cap. Cook gets all the credit for aligning NZ with the UK.


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