Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yes, the weather is beautiful and my wish for you is that someday you will too be here!

Click here for great pics and great homes!

The last four days have been dedicated to travel to new destinations in the North Island. The weather continues to cooperate with my on the go schedule and I am grateful for this extended or late summer with limited rain or rainy days. I flew to Auckland and traveled by Ferry to Waiheke, which other than Shania Twain's or Nicole Kiddman's helicopter transports--this is the only way to arrive on this special island. Surrounded by simple, yet beautiful homes overlooking breathtaking views everywhere you look which places most of them in the seven figure category thanks to location, location, location. Waiheke is one of the 41+ volcanoes that make up the landmass in this area. I believe this formation of land and water area is called an ibises but I need to check both my vocabulary and spelling on that one. The volcanoes are inactive but not officially extinct--lets just hope they remain in hibernation during my visit. I traveled the island by foot and also for the first time hopped on a bus to explore one closed winery after another. This was a perfect scenario as I enjoyed walking the vineyard grounds more than I need to taste more incredible wine. I stayed at a great location found on the internet called Le Chateau, a very nice and nicely appointed apartment rental with a deck view of Little Onerora Bay and many sail boats in the near and far distance.

By Sunday morning there was just enough time to walk along some of Waiheke's back roads and take pictures of some of the great homes before catching the 10 AM return ferry to Auckland. My photography skills as well as the position of the sun do not really do the contemporary and extremely cool looking houses justice. I would love to have a house someday with this much style, this much glass, this much stainless steel and this much creativity in function and design. Note to Shane: get ready for my return--we've got to add the corrugated metal design to the near-the-beach house.


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