Wednesday, March 23, 2005


South Island where the beauty is in the eyes of every beholder!

We boarded the Ferry on St. Patty’s day and upgraded to the “CLUB ROOM”. This room has nice comfortable seats, is considered much quieter and the best part is you get all the cappuccinos you want during your three hour ride through the Cooks Strait out to the Ocean and into the Marlborough Sounds. In honor of St. Patty, we were surrounded on each side with emerald green mountains for most of the ride. At one point during the trip a school of dolphins entertained us as they swam in formation alongside of the Ferry. The countryside between the two Islands is beautiful and arguably some of the best fishing in the world is found in these parts. Vavrina, McKelvy and Bennington--what in god's name are you waiting for--get down here NOW--this is your kinda land, your kinda country and the trout, I swear are calling your names. You must come here--I promise it will leave you with stories to tell until all our eyes roll out of our heads after listening to you all for the years that follow your return--IF, you return.

Pictone to Blenheim is only about an hour drive and allowed for more opportunity to get comfortable driving on the left side. This is wine country through and through—I’m not even sure much else happens here other than growing grapes, making and drinking wine. Fine, I'll admit it here--I am a true Sov Blac convert. Try Kim Crawford, Alan Scott or Goldwater to get started--no worries as there are many, many more great ones to speak about at another time.


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