Saturday, February 26, 2005


When I arrived at the Rotorua Airport on Friday night and took the taxi into town, my first (and only) thought for about five minutes was, oh second was, maybe I can catch a supersaver flight out of here tonight and finally my third and most creative thought was chat it up with the taxi and man and see what possible things I can do this weekend. Tom, (smile), the taxi man was very helpful.

I'll write more later, but CLICK HERE to get a flavor of good old smelly (hot sulfur springs everywhere) Rotorua and lets see if a picture can paint a 1000 words.

Peace, love and cheers from here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Kath, so I figured out this blog thing. Your site's amazing. It will become daily reading. To catch up a bit--I attended that incredible 1 point win of the darker color blue over the lighter color blue. Two nights before I had the privilege of hearing Bill Clinton speak in Raleigh about health care in the US as part of the Health Care Emerging Issues Forum. You would have loved the program. Sorry bout the Eagle's loss, but it couldn't have been to a better team!! I could watch Brady all day! I loved seeing the picture of Cissie and Jack with you. It is a remarkably small world. Take care of yourself. Mo

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